Goodyear Parks & Recreation Cost Recovery Report 2016

Executive Summary The Goodyear Cost Recovery Research Project reviews Goodyear’s Parks and Recreation fee structure and current cost recovery model in relation to program fees, rentals, and procedures against comparable cities in order to identify new and better options. The following report details data from comparable cities regarding fee philosophies, fees assessed, as well as rental policies and procedures. The Goodyear Cost Recovery Research Team collected data over an eight-week (from October 2015 to December 2015) from cities deemed comparable by Goodyear’s Parks and Recreation staff. The team collected research through e-mail requests, phone conversations, and city websites. While collecting data, the research team identified challenges related to finalizing the research. These challenges included missing information from cities that did not participate in the study, and missing common definitions of what costs are to be included when discussing and reporting cost recovery.

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