Practitioner/popular articles

A Better Way to Set Public Pay.” Governing.

"Despite scarce resources, to improve relations many police departments have deliberately developed welcoming practices towards immigrants.” London School of Economics American Politics and Policy Blog.

Advancing Social Equity as an Integral Dimension of Sustainability in Local Communities.” Department of Housing and Urban Development Cityscape.

Local Government and the Challenge of Rapid Economic Change.” Governing.

“5 Steps to Truly Client-centric Metrics.” FCW.

“How Data Privatization Will Change Planning Practice.” Planetizen.

Drones and the ‘Wild West’ of Regulatory Experimentation.” The Brookings Institution’s TechTank.

Next Generation Professionals: An Inside Look at What Matters to Them.” PM Magazine. Cover story for 2015 August Issue.

Smart Financing for Smart Cities.” Public Sector Digest. Cover Story for July Issue.

Citizen Intelligence and Online Civic Platforms.” Planning.

Contemplating Collaboration.” PM Magazine. Cover Story for 2014 August Issue.

The Case for Blended Citizen Engagement: Offline and Online.” Public Sector Digest.

“The If and How of Collaborative Service Delivery.” The Municipal Year Book 2015. Washington, DC: ICMA.

Planting the Seeds to Harvest Innovation.” Governing.

Spreading Innovation.” The Municipal Year Book 2014. Washington, DC: ICMA.

IT and the Metrics That Really Matter.” Governing.

Autonomous Vehicles Will Cost Local Governments Big Bucks.” Slate.

Can Government Learn to Live with the Sharing Economy?” Governing.

“How Open Data Moves Us Closer to ‘Precision Governance’.” Washington, DC: ICMA.

Why We Need to Get Away from Innovation by Anecdote.” Governing.

Citizen Disengagement: The Minority Opinion.” PM Magazine.

“Innovative engagement shows promise: Going beyond conventional practices.” PM Magazine.

CIOs, Dashboards and the Cobbler’s-Children Syndrome.” Governing.

“Our Fragile Emerging Megacities: A Focus on Resilience.” Planetizen.

Turning Governments into Innovation Machines.” Governing.

When Citizens Bypass Government.” Governing.